Innovating College Recruitment

Smart, College Recruiting

Humancode worked with the NRCCUA to innovate tools and services that complimented the college recruitment process. ‘SMART Lists’ was an ecommerce product specifically developed to provide college recruiters exclusive access to targeted lists of opted in students seeking college information.

The NRCCUA Post-Secondary Planning Survey® is distributed in the high schools at the start of the academic school year! The first release date for new high school Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen comes with participation in Fall Advantage. SMART Lists is an opportunity for recruiters to take advantage of being one of the first to make contact with current high school students. Recruiters can create new counts, rerun past counts, create groups of counts, and order counts with specific targeting.

Toolset Experiences at a Glance

SMART services:

  • Manage Counts – Review your availability counts; update/edit past counts, reprocess past counts to see if new names have been added, and order if you are ready.
  • Create A Count – Create new availability numbers for any student profile or class year desired – seniors, juniors, sophomores and even freshmen.
  • Create A Group – Create groups to connect a set of counts, process them together and remove any duplication that might be included. All while keeping the counts separate and the list identifiers unique to the individual counts.
  • Target Groups – Create custom groups of select from pre-selected, grouped, relevant and commonly-combined criteria. This ensures all of the students available from the most comprehensive list of college-bound students.
  • Custom Filtering – Custom filtering provides the flexibility to create lists exactly how needed.