UI/UX/CX – HumanCode Studios, a Creative Consultancy

HumanCode Studios is a consultancy providing user experience design, continuous product design and the creative assets necessary in actively transforming … [Read More]

adaptive vs responsive design

Adaptive Design vs. Responsive Design

Mobile First?

In terms of process, designing for ‘mobile first’ is a term that comes up frequently when asked about … [Read More]

Top 9 UX Trends to Watch out in 2022

UI tech changes everyday – As our ability to interact with software ‘updates’ to motion, senses, wireless, face recog, etc., … [Read More]

Building a Digital Brand – The HelloTeam Website

Rebrand, Refresh, Re-engage

HumanCode worked with HelloTeam, a powerful, easy-to-use platform combining performance management, employee engagement and workplace connectivity, to … [Read More]

DCU Wins Key Features & Functionality Category, Digital Experience

Since January 2020, HumanCode has continued to worked closely and collaboratively with DCU’s leadership in order to design and develop … [Read More]

Solving Swiping

To Swipe or not To Swipe

Mobile search presents specific experience challenges in of itself. A common search and save … [Read More]

Recruitment Advertising That Rocks.

High Performance, High Converting, Audience Engagement

For Monster, we developed a pilot application featuring the Hard Rock Cafe a business … [Read More]

Innovating College Recruitment

Smart, College Recruiting

Humancode worked with the NRCCUA to innovate tools and services that complimented the college recruitment process. ‘SMART … [Read More]

Protected: Building Better eComm

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Innovating Online Job Application, Search & Match

An Application Application

Monster Labs LLC was an incubator created by Monster Worldwide to explore new product development, test and … [Read More]

Monster Toolsets To Go

A Mobile First Approach

Working with Monster’s employer product teams and leading a talented group of UX Designers, Developers and … [Read More]

Beyond Reason – Scan Complete

Built For Performance – The Claw

With a positive nod from Oakley Inc., and done completely pro-bono, Hcode designed and … [Read More]

Just Jobs and Nothing Else.

Yes, and…

As part of Monster, our design team utilized the jobs.com domain to innovate on it’s massive organic keyword … [Read More]

Building the Future of College Selection

Reimagining the College Selection Experience

HumanCode worked with myCollegeOptions to reimagine college selection for high school students. Everything from newly … [Read More]

‘INSIDE’ The Guidelines

Consistency is the Key

Design guidelines are key to maintaining updated site integrity, format, branding and the ability for team … [Read More]

Transforming ‘INSIDE’ – Designing a Modern Intranet

Engaging Experiences build Collaborative, Successful Cultures

‘A good intranet will solve communication problems, bridge disconnects between teams, build culture, centralize … [Read More]

Data Driven Personas Tell The Story

Building the Experience Design Process

HumanCode worked with the UNUM product teams to embrace persona based research and design by … [Read More]

Protected: Designing a Next Generation Customer Portal

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Fueling Design Thinking

Innovate and Make it Good

As Head of UX for Monster, my team often became hyper focused on the daily … [Read More]

Better Job, Better Life, Better Possibilities.

Find Better

As Head of UX and Creative for Monster, I was responsible for all aspects of our digital experiences, … [Read More]


A Photography Site for Photographers

‘Photography is our passion, and we know it’s yours. Together we can build the most … [Read More]

Custom Cards are King

Design Your Own

For Vistaprint, we visioned a product design concept of an online, interactive ‘card builder’. DIY access to … [Read More]

Transforming Financial Toolsets

USA and the UK

Humancode worked with Natixis to realize a new site design targeted at their International Investor and … [Read More]

Bandzoogle Digital Audio & Video Players

We worked with subscribers of Bandzoogle’s popular web-site creation tool to create customized audio and video players for embedded downloads. … [Read More]