Building the Future of College Selection

Reimagining the College Selection Experience

HumanCode worked with myCollegeOptions to reimagine college selection for high school students. Everything from newly created brand guidelines, user experience product design and development,  profile creation, advanced search UI, digital marketing and content management.

Creating a Flow

Three primary goals as we worked with MCO to redefine their product experience. Simplify the flow of data, the creation of data and accessing the data. With our focus primarily on the presentation layer, we re-architected the entire experience while adaptively focusing events around a central user entity (the student in this case).  Massive gains were seen in sign up conversions, search and school apply’s and profile creation.

Starting the Conversation

Following up with students after sign-up is critical to engagement. Understanding the demographic through research we created a series of digital marketing strategies in order to keep users ‘coming back’.  Customized newsletters, social update queues (via email) and school community news feeds (mobile), are just some of the products developed.