Innovating Online Job Application, Search & Match

An Application Application

Monster Labs LLC was an incubator created by Monster Worldwide to explore new product development, test and publicly demonstrate new projects.

Not unlike Google Labs, Monster Labs was described as a ‘developer playground where the more adventurous product designers could design and develop prototypes completely off-brand and platform.  Products use was an invitation-only model for users to test Labs products and give feedback.

As a product design lead, my team (or ‘Pod’) specifically, was focused on creating an innovative solution for tracking jobs and applies for those jobs as a consumer.  ‘AppApp’, as it become codenamed, is an online data service that facilitates, tracks, matches and saves your online job applications and saved jobs. For any job on any site.


‘AppApp’ has been rewarded two patents by the Unites States Patent Office, with a third pending.



From an article featured on Industry Week describing some of  what ‘AppApp’ had to offer.

Briefly Describe This New Technology

Beta release name “AppApp”. A web-based application and data service that provides comprehensive, up to the minute information and status about your online Job applications and saved job postings from any site on the web. The new product is a unique combination of an installed browser component toolbar and a web-based, rich media user interface.

How is the new product or technology unique; that is, what can you do with it that you could not do before? What was done before?

The product is unique in that a user is able to save and/or apply to any job on the web through the use of a toolbar.  Neither of which has been done before.  Also – the application provided with the toolbar component manages all communication, status, dates and resumes/cover letters associated with any of the applications or saved jobs handled through this software in real time.

What competitive companies are pursuing similar technologies or solutions? Why does yours stand out from those of your competitors?

The only company with enough similarities in this type of offering would be LinkedIn.  However, the similarities are based only on the toolbar component to a certain degree.  The addition of a complete rich media application to complement the toolbar functionality stands alone at this point.

Describe any new or innovative use of design, materials, manufacturing processes, testing, or marketing as it applies to the new product or technology.

The application was and designed and developed to be completely “view” based. In other words, there are no “web pages’ per say to be loaded or reloaded maintaining a single, dynamically changing view of the application. Much effort was put into the user interface design from both a usability and design perspective, as well as development. Through the use of newly created, open source tool sets and updated scripting methodologies, we’re able to develop useable web applications that look great and function much along the lines of desktop software.

What impact will this new technology or product have on the marketplace? On related industries? On society?

It could effectively turn the online job market on it’s head.  Both in terms of online recruitment and job search.  It puts the online job application process much more in the job seeker’s hands with onus on employers to be responsive and diligent about responding to candidates applying online.  Rather than hurrying up to wait and hear back from employers, Job seekers are able to take matters into their own hands and respond to a community with a voice about how any company handles it’s online recruitment.

What is the estimated market potential of the new product or technology? How was this determined?

Market potential is huge.  The product was designed and developed based on real world feedback from actual job seekers. The functionality developed delivers the same feature set job seekers have been asking for in a “perfect world” of online job application and search tools. With receiving well over 1 million unique job seeker visitors a day, the potential to start a hiring revolution between job seekers and employers could easily be realized.