Transforming Financial Toolsets

USA and the UK

Humancode worked with Natixis to realize a new site design targeted at their International Investor and Financial Advisor customer bases for both the United States and the United Kingdom.  In addition to the toolset designs, we worked with Natixis and Fatwire to implement and design a completely new content management system to include real-time financial news updates, articles, new product announcements, expert financial advice and global financial trends.

Defining Key Usability Issues

Through interviews & data exploration, several key usability issues related to both International and Domestic business were identified.

Some specific problem set examples:

  1. Brand & Marketing strategy are not reflected online
  2. Poor back-end tracking doesn’t lead to improved sales or integrate with sales processes
  3. Web site requires sophisticated audience that already knows terminology
  4. No engagement of “Web-first” investment community through use of blogs, message boards, RSS, iTunes, FACEBOOK, or TWITTER
  5. Sales team cannot point clients to Natixis Web sites – too irrelevant
  6. Sales team cannot point clients to Natixis Web sites – too unusable
  7. SEO
  8. Little interactive content (e.g. tools and user-driven) to engage users
  9. Little multimedia content (e.g. video, audio, slideshow) to engage users

Exclusive Video Access

Part of an exclusive ‘members only’ tools subscriptions was private access to both FA and Asset Management Advisor video libraries. Content was largely targeted at providing comprehensive access to personalized training, news and advisor content.