Fueling Design Thinking

Innovate and Make it Good

As Head of UX for Monster, my team often became hyper focused on the daily tuning of Monster’s multivariate experiences.  It was (and is) imperative to embrace the beauty of iteration and creative possibilities a talented creative team brings to the organization.

Specifically, Design Thinking. Design Thinking encourages experimentation and pushes for innovative solutions focused on a prospective future customer base. Taking risks, being bold and owning the fact that change is good. This does all sorts of ‘good-things’, where possibilities create opportunity.

Drawing from a talented team of creatives, we were able to envision a product that could potentially leap frog the competition with a single stroke of the pen (or mouse at it may be). In this example specifically, our team embraced the design thinking model in providing fresh and iterative alternatives to the front door of Monster.com

Surprised, Delighted & Engaged

The Design Thinking exercise transforms how companies develop products. Integrating ‘what people want’, the actual work to make it happen and the ability to produce, we find a slice of innovation smack-dab in the middle.  This is the secret sauce that drive world-class experiences, market leadership and empowered executive, product, creative and engineering teams focused on a common vision.

All design is redesign. Foster innovation, ideate often, collaborate and set the bar.